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Queen Elizebeth II visit to Canada, 1984, used in motorcade...sold by Tim'sPlateStore to a USA veteran of the Iraqi war, for his personal collection. The Queen and royalty have been to Canada countless times and it is common to have a plate for the motorcade and the occasion, specifically when in Ontario. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations and the Queen is the official head of Canada (diplomatically) and thus the reason there is a crown on all Ontario license Plates. Many Canadians, particularly the older Generation are very fond (respected and admired) of the Queen as she is of Canada and attracts huge crowds when in Canada. The Governor General in Canada is the Representative, official Head of State for the Queen, in Canada and, is a Canadian. The QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) is a major expressway running from Toronto to Niagara falls named in her honour. Road signs in Ontario also display the crown.

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